California photo diary


Back from an incredible 3 week spell in California with one of my best friends, Grace, where we hiked, shopped, swam and explored both Northern and Southern Califorinian regions. All in all an unbelievable trip, from which I have returned vaguely tanned and reluctant to embrace the mercurial weather of London in summer.


Summer so far

IMG_7893 IMG_7903 IMG_8072 IMG_8079 IMG_8153 IMG_8131 IMG_8218 IMG_8248

Have had a somewhat crazy start to my summer, starting with an amazing week of work experience at Red magazine, followed by a week in Benicasim, Spain for FIB music festival, which was crazy and incredible for entirely different reasons. Next on the agenda is California, where I will undoubtably find a multitude of photo and outfit ops to post when I return for AS results in 3 weeks (!!!)

Paris photo diary

PDSC0001 PDSC0020PDSC0023


Spent a magical couple of days in Paris with my absolute soul sister, Erin, where we walked, drank and browsed to our hearts’ content. We stayed in Hotel Mama Shelter, which aside from being slightly out of the way, was beyond cool, and the weather was just the right amount of hot to make jackets unnecessary, but also to make the multiple leather items we were wearing marginally uncomfortable. An overall incredible trip, which I swear as I always do to make far more regular than it ever will be.

Pyjama vibes

IMG_7375Asos everything, Dr Marten’s chelsea boots

Threw my leather bralet into the mix to tone down the complete shapelessness of this inadvertent culotte-kimono co-ord, the identical material of the two creating an unavoidable pairing.


Cheap frills

Editors Market crop, HM skirt, Cheap Monday denim jacket and leather Vans

Wearing the second of my recently acquired EM crop tops, the enjoyment of which is two fold in the knowledge that their one-size-fits-all fits me. Spent a disproportionate amount of time working out if there was in fact too much frill/pleat texture going on here, but eventually came to the realisation that no such thing exists (see Suki Waterhouse princess dress at Met Gala 2014)

Procrastination 101

1 more exam to go and various other things lined up that are currently demanding my attention, so lo and behold, another mass post of tumblr prettiness…

tumblr_n20894vJWr1r08l9jo1_500 tumblr_n5u4wwYwr21qza84qo1_500 tumblr_mhchjnLdFQ1qcim7zo2_r1_500 tumblr_n5phl8liPe1rztsxmo1_500 tumblr_n3s533cQLe1qlsrezo1_250

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Fluffy biker


Paired my leather jacket and Dr Marten boots with my new favourite fluffy bag to champion contrast dressing. Thrown on top of my dad’s shirt, with an alice band for good measure, this was quite possibly the most incongruous outfit of all time. Nonetheless, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about this combination that I can very much see myself channelling in the new future…